About us:

Bertie's Retro Boutique opened on April 1st, 2017 in North Carolina but was conjured in Bertie's head since she was a teenager!  After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles  and then the University of Hawaii on Oahu her love of history, research and clothing lead her, through many twist and turns, into pin up photography!  Cherry Girl Hawaii was established on the North Shore of Oahu with open arms, catering to hundreds of beautiful pin ups from all around the world.  After 16 years of calling Hawaii home Bertie decided to spread Aloha to the East Coast and plant her feet near one of the United States largest military base, Fort Bragg.  With a love of history, antique shopping and the choice of Mountains or beach a short drive away she decided to relocate to Fayetteville, North Carolina! With a love for travel she opens her arms to where the future may lead her!
 Love, Bertie





Online sales are sent out within 3 days of cleared payment.

A tracking number is issued to every order.

We try are best to give you the best customer service but if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase please contact us within 7 days so we may try to correct the situation. 

All sales at special events around the country can only be exchange within time frame of event. 

Thank you so much for shopping with us, we love what we do!❣




How to set up a photoshoot:

*Feel free to follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we update photos, sales and events often.

* Notice that we ONLY DO VINTAGE STYLE PHOTOGRAPHY but we can work with you to do unique, creative shoots as well.

*Once you are excited to do a shoot with us, choose a package that best suits your needs. If you have a unique situation, including payment plans please contact us.

* We have three basic packages to choose from that include make up, hair, jewelry and props. You are required to bring outfits and a pair of shoes. 

*Place a non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot. Please add a note with date and time you desired. We will contact you shortly after.

*Time frame for photoshoots vary but

        Allow 45 min to an hour for make up and hair PLUS

      +Allow an additional 2 hours for wardrobe and photos for Corset Cuties        or High Heeled Honey.


      +Allow an additional 4 hours for wardrobe and photos for Bombshell Calendar.

* We will contact you with a one on one consultation via phone or in person to finalize detail so that you have a wonderful experience!

***IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL OR POSTPONE PLEASE CONTACT US ASAP! We understand emergencies happen.

If cancellation is day of you will NOT be refunded your deposit as it is given to make up artist for their scheduled time. 

If cancellation is 3 days prior in written/phone conversation. You must reschedule within 90 days of original photoshoot period, so deposit is not lost.  



How to prepare for your photoshoot:

*Please arrive no more than 10 min. prior to your shoot. If you are late please text.

*Arrive with a clean face and dry hair.

* Please bring black high heel shoes and black undergarments.

* Many girls choose to get their nails done, hair colored & cut and waxed but it is not required.

*Bring anything you would like to wear for your shoot, CLOTHING IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY unless otherwise stated.

( We no longer provide a full wardrobe)

*For pin up shoots please practice your vowels in front of a mirror, it may seem silly but the vowels gives the perfect pin up expressions. In pin up photography is is all about the face and personality.  Find your personality-are you smoldering and sexy or cute and playful? Don't be afraid to be over dramatic, and really ham it up.  Those "cheesy" ones are very often the best. When posing, try to keep your tongue firmly glued to the roof of your mouth. This will slim your face and cut down on the double chin. Always, always point your toes! Always keep hands soft, like you are holding a raw egg in the palm.  Finally trust our team of specialist.  If you have taken the time to research and love our portfolio, allow us to use our years of experience and training to give you the best possible outcome-  but please tell us if you are uncomfortable with anything!  If there is a picture you would like to recreate please let us know during your consultation to prepare costume and/or props if necessary.

*We have several house studios, fun locations and will travel to different locations depending on budget and weather.  Please contact us with special request or if you would like to add a location to our list.

* Bertie's is not liable for ANY accidents incurred during travel to and from, on location or actions taken upon oneself. The client forfeits the right to undertake legal proceeding against Bertie's or its affiliates included but not limited to allergic reactions, hair damage, etc.

*Most importantly bring an open mind, we are a woman owned and operated company with children.  It takes most ladies 15 - 30 min. to feel comfortable in front of a camera. Our photographer does show you photos straight out of the camera and walks  you through posing and hand placement. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

* Please remember , we do our best to make you happy but we want to enhance your beauty- not someone unrecognizable!  The photographer does not know what you consider to be a "beauty mark" or "flaw", so be specific about what you want wiped out.  

What to expect after my Photoshoot:

*Once you leave your photoshoot happy, dressed up and excited please enjoy the rest of your day!

*Depending on your package please expect your edited photos within 1-2 weeks depending on time of year.  All editing fees are included in the package price but you are allowed one free additional edit per photo.  Any additional corrections upon that fees will apply. You may purchase additional images if you so desire. You may order items with your photo through Bertie's or you may do on your own with photo release, available upon request.

*The client acknowledges that Bertie's has the right to use all images as examples to future clients, editorial use, trade, advertising or any other purpose and in any manner and medium; to alter the same without restriction and to copyright unless client states otherwise in contract.  It is agreed that Bertie's may display and use the photographs taken for advertising, display, website and internet promotion, photography contest, magazines and any other purpose to represent Bertie's portfolio.  If the client uses photos taken by Bertie's, then the client acknowledges that there will be a credit to the photographer listed.  


Women are usually more critical of themselves that need be.  Appreciate everything about your body at any age.  We are all lucky to still be here!

Playing dress up is sometimes a bit nerve wrecking but we promise to walk you through every aspect of your shot so you get the very best photos!