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Suavecita Firm Hold Hairspray
Hairspray became well known after the patent of the aerosol process during the 1940s. By the 60s it became the highest selling beauty product on the market; even outselling lipstick. This is one hair product that has stuck around for centuries because of it’s amazing properties. Hairspray, made of copolymers, is a liquid adhesive created to make a shell that keeps the hair from falling out of its style.


The Suavecita Firm Hold Hairspray will keep your desired hair style in place all day with a ton of volume, lift, and hold, yet brushes out to deliver a soft and touchable finish. The addition of Coconut Oil not only fortifies your hair, but also adds protection from the sun to help maintain your hair color. The Coconut Oil offers its natural SPF properties as conditioning agents, which prevents any flaking from occurring. This Spray is good for all hair types and will stand up to humidity. Spray 8-10 inches away from your desired hairstyle. Use this product as a finishing spray; which only means you’d spray this generously before walking out that door. Tag us on all your beautiful hairstyles using this Hairspray!